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Bard’s Freaky Faces

Freaky Freaky

True beauty is always deep under the skin. A playful exploration of face parts from CelebA dataset and misuse of AI technology. 50 faces crudely drawn by Bård Ionson with AI GAN processing filling in the details.

Freaky Projects

The Freaky family

Bard’s Freaky Faces

The original Freaky Faces on OpenSea. Created at the request of Pindar Van Arman

Freaky Faces TripPin

Freaky Faces take on strawberry fields forever and lucy in the sky with diamonds


Where will the Freaky Faces go next?


Freaky Faces

The Rockstar big teeth drug shot eyes gold suit
The Rockstar big teeth drug shot eyes gold suit
Sally with the crooked smirk, She is blond with a square head and one eye that is in the wrong place.
Sally with the crooked smirk
One eyed Alien. I am not a cyclops.
One eyed Alien. I am not a cyclops.
Three eyes bald head alien with pointed ears.
I See You
The two mouthed cyclops. They must have made up for having one eye by growing an extra mouth. But they do get hungry.
The two mouthed cyclops.

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I am Bård Ionson creating art since 2012 when Nam June Paik spoke to me through his installation called Internet Dweller. “You art an artist.” I began learning and creating.

In 2018 SuperRare accepted me to display art on their platform. The story continues with Freaky Faces.


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